Happy People of Waynesboro

This week’s new adventure was on the “other side of the mountain”.  My daughter’s boyfriend’s family (too many possessives?) are commercial developers.  His parents own storefronts in Waynesboro and operate one retail  outlet themselves.  They went away for the weekend and my daughter offered to mind the store.  I was enlisted to keep her company and off we went for the past 2 mornings.  Of course the early mornings were an excuse to ride through Starbucks (yum Chai Tea Latte and Peppermint/Raspberry Latte) and I can’t say enough about how fun it is to have drive-through Starbucks on a cold windy morning.  Have you noticed Waynesboro gets the coolest stuff before Charlottesville?

I thought I might be bored by the end of our shifts but both days were fun!  I haven’t had the opportunity to operate a register since high school and didn’t make as many mistakes as I thought I might.  I only overcharged one customer but caught it before she got away and only bagged items forgetting to ring them up once (I didn’t say I was good at operating a cash register!).  I enjoyed time with my daughter and we laughed a lot.  But what I was most impressed with were the happy people of Waynesboro.  I’m sure the store owner has done much to cultivate the friendly store environment but every single customer came in and left with a smile and almost everyone chirped a “hello” before I could.  In fact, it seemed to be a race between customers and my daughter to see who could utter the first “how are you”.

We both left as happy as we came with the exception of my feet (not used to standing for hours).  Is it just me or does the Waynesboro community appear to be happier to you than this side of the mountain?  And what about you?  Do you have a favorite shop because it consistently has a friendly environment?

This was my first post-retirement working adventure and it was great fun.  When is the last time you spent a few hours or a few days performing a new job?

~ by beinghutch on February 25, 2012.

One Response to “Happy People of Waynesboro”

  1. I think people on the other side of the mountain (a.k.a. “Home”) are generally nicer than people in Cville. At least in my experience anyway. Maybe Cvillians are too caught up in trying to make it to the top of another “Best Place for X” list.

    I’ve spent a few hours recently doing new tasks at work, but nothing really fun and exciting. At least I’m not still working at an answering service! Anything is better than that was…

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